So what is your opinion? How should peace be reached? Can it even happen?

These are a few of the dozens of questions that can come to mind and are asked here in Israel, in the States, and all over the world regarding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. This conflict is the most researched of all conflicts in the world, which could be explained by how intricate, emotionally-driven, historically-set, and multi-dimensional this is.

People have their opinions, but this blog is not one where you will learn about my own.

Instead, I am embarking on a video-project which will document my interviews with organizations here in Israel that are working towards peace – somehow, some way. This blog is to report back and recap my interviews and experiences. The video footage will come later in documentary form.

So what does the word peace even mean in this case? Here we find that peace has many faces and definitions. As said,  you will not read my opinions, but many of the organizations I interview have their roadmap for peace and take a strong political stance. On the contrary, many do not. Rather, they choose to leave  politics elsewhere and simply bring people together. They believe peace can be made at a ground level, person to person.

I’ll let both speak for themselves in the blogs I post.